Mantle of the Ebon King

The Mantle of the Ebon King is a Divine item created by Nerull and originally given to Nerull’s Avatar, the Crimson King.

When Nerull released the Dread Plague again upon Akeroth during the Great Deceit, the Mantle had no abilities, however, as the Battle for Akeroth continued and Man went across the whole of Akeroth spreading Death, Destruction, and War the mantle slowly gained power as the many who were slain began to rise and form The Undead Host.

With the realization that Nerull had created man solely for Chaos, Man would renounce their creator and adopt Pellor as their Lord (along with many of the other Deities), and form the Order of the Holy Sepulcher to unify their people. Together the races of Akeroth went forward to defeat this new enemy that had emerged from the fray, and together en masse, the whole of Akeroth assaulted the Ebon Hold.

Many people would die attempting to breach the Hold, however, a contingent of Paladins made their way deep into the Hold, and it was here that the Paladin Ishar confronted the Crimson King, and in one-on-one combat vanquished the Crimson King, banishing Nerull’s Avatar from the Material Plane (for the time Being).

In a desperate bid to save Akeroth from the endless hordes of Undead, Ishar donned the Mantle and assumed the position of the Ebon King. As a precaution, from knowing what power like that can do to even the purest of peoples, Ishar froze himself deep below the Ebon Hold, in its Citadel, so that the Hordes could never be used by another, and so that Ishar would never become corrupted.

In 5A the Alatians unwittedly allowed Nerull’s Avatar to posses the mind of Ishar and Use the Host to form the Dead Scar, create the Cult of Damnation, and ultimately destroy the Beacon of Light located in Garem. After the Beacons’ destruction The Dark Times ensued and so the Alatians sacrificed themselves en masse to atone for what they had done.

The Alatians sacrifice freed the mind of Ishar allowing him to regain control of the Host, however, because of the Selfishness of the Alatians proper, the Crimson King was not fully banished from Akeroth.

In 11A when the Crimson King garnered for himself a mighty host of Evil creatures, he marched Southwards from The Near Wastes and entered into the Hold. Here he went deep beneath the Hold and found Ishar frozen in the Citadel, and it was then that he ripped the Mantle from Ishars’ frozen body, giving him control of the host and giving Ishar the freedom from millennia of burden of maintaining the Undead Host. When the Crimson King redonned the Mantle this would mark the beginning of the Crusades.

The Crusades would continue until 12A when the Crimson King was defeated by Avar, and the Mantle was sealed back within the Citadel where none can reach it, however, many Crusaders (Soldiers in and around the Dead Scar) speak of the King of the Ebon Hold still.

Mantle of the Ebon King

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