Mythic Era

Before Man came to Akeroth and started the Battle for Akeroth, and after the Creation Era stood the Time-Period that existed in Akeroth was known as the Mythic Era.

It was during the Mythic Era that the Deities created the Races of Akeroth, and this Era is marked by great prosperity and mighty empires.

Little is truly known of the Mythic Era save for the fact that the Mythic Era was marked by 6 Ages (Earthern, Sylvan, Garamine, Orcan, Evermarin, and Golka) with each Age lasting nearly ten thousand years each. Many fairy tales and much folk lore is based from the Mythic Era when Akeroth existed in perfection before the advent of Man in Akeroth, Nerull’s Great Deceit, and the introduction of both the Undead Host and the Dread Plague.

The Mythic Era ended with Mans’ introduction on Akeroth marking the beginning of the Age of Man.

Mythic Era

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