Nerull was one of the original Deities who entered our Universe through the Event Horizon of the collapsing Pre-Verse.

When the Deities entered this Universe all that stood before them was the emptiness of Space and The Chaotic Abyss. Seeing this Chaos as an opportunity the Deities went forth and begin to create ordered worlds amidst this endless void. After some immeasureable period of time the Demons of the Abyss took notice and seeing this Order as a perversion of existence, the Demons went forth and began to wreak havoc upon the Deities creations.

Seeing the horrors that the Demons brought the Deities decided to chose one from amongst themselves to defend their creations from the Demons of the Abyss, and ultimately Nerull was chosen, for his Intelligence, Strength, Tactfulness, Glib and Martial Prowess. Nerull readily took on this mission and went forth for endless eons to defend the Deities creations. After countless millennia of attempting to defend the ordered worlds of the Deities from the endless swarms of Demons from the Abyss proved far to much for him alone and ultimately countless worlds were overwhelmed.

Seeing the horrors that the Demons wrought time and time again eventually caused Nerull to slowly go insane, with the lose of his sanity over not only the lose of countless worlds, but also his own failure to save his creations caused him to snap. In a bold and defiant statement, the now utterly insane Nerull choose to accept the Demons Chaos and Horror as the only truth to the Universe; Nerull joined with the Demons and they readily made him their leader, so that together they would go forth and raze thousands of worlds, sowing Death, Destruction, Disease, and War in their wake.

With Nerull’s insanity the Deities saw the fate that had befallen their brother and chose to make one last world as their final act of defiance. This world would be unlike any other for the Deities had created several safeguards to protect the world as well as choosing to stay with this world, Akeroth. The Deities created the Aspects and Titans to watch the world, and built the Beacon of Light to serve as their physical representation to the world. Ultimately Nerull would come for them, and Akeroth would be the Deities last stand.

Nerull unable to assault Akeroth by conventional means created the Dread Plague, however, it proved to be ineffective against the races the Deities had created (because of their purity), so Nerull created his Great Deception, Man. Nerull created Man, and gifted him with intelligence, and freewill, but also created man with a sinister purpose, to destroy Akeroth. Nerull is also directly reasonable for most evils that have befallen the History of Akeroth via the events known as the Apocalypses.

Like the other Deities, Nerull is far more powerful than the other, however, because of this his mass is too large to enter Akeroth, and in his steed he sends his avatar, The Crimson King, and his prophet, the Phantom of Truth. Nerull is Chaotic-Evil and will do anything to end the order that the Divines have created seeing not only their Divinity (and his) as a perversion of reality itself, but also all existence as a perversion in itself.

Nerull has many followers, mostly monsters, however, his more civilized followers are cunning and deceiving creatures working only for their own ends and a quickening to the final Apocalypse. Nerull’s followers believe that by worshiping Nerull and progressing his needs, that they can escape Undeath and rule as gods in their own right. Nerull has no official clergy as his worship is illegal all over Akeroth, his followers work in secret Cult-Cells (like the original Cult, the Cult of Damnation) attempting to spread the Dread Plague and infect the whole of the World.

Nerull has succeeded in deceiving or dealing great blows to Akeroth on Numerous occasions, however, each time he has been defeated by a small party of Adventurers (or by a massive sacrifice). Nerull’s reach extends far beyond the Dread Plague and the Undead Host with some believing that Nerull affects every action that happens throughout the entirety of the world, however, many believe that this is also just superstition… right?


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