Nordrejur Lands

South of Andhilia (and across either the River Tazania or Lake Patahgula), North of the Quintellexi, and West of Ansurin and the Dead Scar lay the Nordrejur Lands. Here among the rolling steppes of Steppess lay no nation, but instead a collection of nomadic tribes who follow the Bison Herds and Herd the Sheep across the steppes. These people, the Nordrejur, have maintained this lifestyle for millennia and have survived while surrounded by vast empires and great kingdoms.

Within Steppes the Nordrejur Lands are surrounded by several nations. These are Moramer and Vash-Ka’Rat in the West, and Quintellex, Kenderholm, Dolef, and Lakrin to the South. Ansurin lies to the East, however, Ansurin technically lies within Andhilia (as it shares a similar climate and its river runs into the Lake)

Rumors of the Nordrejur state that they are barbarians and will attack any on sight, however, this behavior has only been demonstrated by some tribes who make their entire living from raiding the other shepardic or nomadic hunting tribes.

While the Nordrejur Lands are a vast endless steppe some cities exist such as The Crossing on the River Tazania, the other being Drybone Valley which acts as a gathering place and spiritual center for all the Nordrejur people, even some tribes send there elderly and young to Drybone Valley so they may be trained to the best ability while also fostering better relations between tribes.

While no “roads” exist throughout the Nordrejur lands many pathways exist which have been used for thousands for years. The major paths led from Moramer to the Crossing then to Drybone Valley or Ansurin.

A typical view of the Nordrejur Lands.

Since the inception of the Nordrejur Plague, after the Purge and the Burning of the Crossing the Nordrejur Lands have changed from a once great rolling steppe to an abysmal abomination as the Dread Plague and the Undead Host have rooted themselves into the very land. Now almost the entirety of the Nordrejur Lands stands as one vast extension of the Dead Scar.

Nordrejur Lands

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