Olfgar is a massive area stretching over a large mountain range with virtually no cities on the surface, just small outposts. Olfgar stands South of the Cliffs, Garem, and Lous, to the East stands Westfall and Evermare, while to the South lay the Deep Jungles, and Abados.

Olfgar is home to the Mountain Dwarves, and it was these Dwarves that caused the 2nd Apocalypse (because they dug too deep), the shame from bringing forth an apocalyspe has made the Dwarves here very isolationist. The Olfgarins; cities occupy the great precipice of land dirrectly above the Underdark and below the surface, the Olfgarins’ cities inhabit the underground almost exclusively, while only some small outposts dot the surface of Olfgar. Because of the seculsion of the Olfgarins many do not venture to Olfgar without a good cause.

The Olfgarin are known as the most ridgid of Dwarves, as they follow the Clan-Caste system very strictly. This Clan-Caste system makes upward mobility impossible, and allows the wealthy and powerful to maintain that position forever.

The Olfgarin have a good and longstanding relationship with the Gnomes of Abados, with whom they trade base metals, for more refined goods. From Olfgar it is possible to take an airship from Darius’s Gate, Hammerhold, and Dragonspine to Gnomeregon.

Olfgar is unique as almost no over land roads exist, instead massive underground highways exist connecting all the Dwarven Cities (except the Eastern Precipice) together. The Olfgarin Dwarves disdain for the over-world is demonstrated in the fact that only four cities even touch the surface while the rest lay completely underground (in the area between the Surface and the Upperdark). The only roads that exist are from the Eastern Precipice to Degbohr (through a cave that begins four miles from Degbohr), from Dragonspine to Lous (over the Dragonspine Mts.), or from Darius’s Gate to the Gateway Proper.

The Dwarves of Olfgar speak Dwarven and Modron; they are also Ethnically and Culturally Modron.

Olfgar consists of 13 cities, these are as followed;

Khaz’Ogar (Capital)
Hammerhold (Posses a direct Airship path to Tinkerton, Abados, Dwarven Name; Harlhar)
Dragonspine (Furthest Airship Point inland from Gnomeregon, posses a pathway through the mountains to Lous, Dwarven Name; Dargular)
Darius’s Gate (Posses Airship port to Hammerhold, Posses the Gateway to the Cliffs, Dwarven Name; Gar Darius)
Eastern Precipice (Border city of Olfgar and Westfall, Posses a footpath to Degbohr, Military fortification, Dwarven Name; Oaer Porgarum)
Hal Lodor
Khil Gurihu
Marn Thoram
Non Faruhm
Ver Badir
Ger Dorth
Kul Turuhm
Ven Doral


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