Orcish Peoples

The Orcs (or Orcish Peoples) are one of the major Races that occupy Akeroth; the Orcs exist in varying states of “Orcishness”, ranging from full Orc to 1/16 Orc (beyond a 1/16 Orc, no Orcish traits are visible besides being slightly broader, and stronger than the average human).

Mans’ introduction to Akeroth was surprising, as Man came rose up from the Great Expanse, and arrived off the Shores of Elwynn. The Orcs were unsure as how to handle the Humans, so in a diplomatic move the Orcs welcomed Man to settle in Elwynn and Westfall. Man returned in kind by seizing the lands violently, forcing the Orcs back into the mountains of Orcanum.

The Usurpation of the Orcs poisition within the Social Hierarchy of Akerothian Society was caused entirely by Man. After the Orcs were pushed back into Orcanum the Battle for Akeroth began.

After Man converted from Nerull to Pellor the Orcs became the black sheep of Akeroth being forced from being a once great cultured empire to having to resort to brutish tactics and raiding practices to keep themselves alive. When the Battle for Akeroth ended and the Warring Times began came the start of the Orc Wars.

After the Orc Wars Orcanum was left in a desolate state unable to feed its people and it was at this time that raiding became a vital part of the Orcs lifestyle; at the end of the Orc Wars the Dragongate would be finished.

in 7A the Orcs came together and formed a massive Horde and descended upon Evermare where they proceeded to loot and then raze the entirety of the region. After the Burning of Evermare the Orcs returned to Orcanum where tribal infighting began, ultimately leading to the rise of Lok’Tar.

Lok’Tar defeated the other tribal chiefs and formed the disparate tribes together into forming Lok’Tar Ogar (Lok’Tar’s Empire). After the reformation of the Orcish empire the Orcs again descended from Orcanum this time to seize their ancient homeland of Elwynn.

As the Orcs entered into Elwynn they razed several cities and rebuilt them to house they’re burgeoning population before heading further into Elwynn to assault the Grand City of Lordsport. At the Battle of Lordsport it seemed as if the Orcs would win especially after the Grand Sept was razed, however, Lok’Tar was slain in personal combat by a Stormgardan Knight. With Lok’Tars’ death the Orcish Horde was routed and sent fleeing back to the Dragongate.

With the Orcs fleeing, the Lorossians took this opportunity toe follow, however, the Orcs were able to reach the Dragongate first and take refuge behind it causing the Siege of the Dragongate.

After the Siege most of the Orcs were sent out in a mass Diaspora causing the Orcs to settle all across Akeroth and changing their culture to a truly nomadic and raiding culture.

Orcish Regions & Lands;
Orcanum | Zeth’Kur | Manzor

Orcs by Region & Tribes:

Orcanum: The Orcs that have remained after the Diaspora few themselves as the true orcs and continue to raid human settlements to the south, and occasionally scaling the mountains to the north, because of this they are looked at as mongrels. The Tribes that remain are;

Deep Jungles: The Orcs here live a savage and brutal life among the ruins of Alatia eeking out a meager living while competing with the cunning Trolls and the brutal Ogres. The Tribes that reside here are;

Zeth’Kur: The Orcs here rule as true conquerors having taken the trappings of the former empire, Rozzaria, as their own. The Orcs have spread themselves upon the face of this empire and have enriched their culture with the formers’. The Orcs here are viewed as good mercenaries, and loyal traders, ones you’d be afraid to cross. The Tribes that rule here are;

Avaros: The Orcs here reside North of the Witch-Kings empire. The Orcs here have become absorbed by the Witch-Kings ever expanding empire. The Tribes that reside here are;

Wandering Tribes: Many Tribes still wander across Akeroth, living a nomadic Hunter-Gather-Raiding lifestyle. While their numbers are slowly dwindling due to advancements in some nations military centralization, they remain a feared bunch by the poor who reside in border communities. Known Orc Tribes to be Wandering;

Clans: Orcs live in a clan system where multiple clans live together under the banner of a leading warlord (who’s Clan is dominant). Marriage within a clan is forbidden and one must find a partner from another clan. A clan is established when an Orc does something to achieve a last name, however, in Zeth’Kur all Orcs are descended from the Conquerors of Rozzaria, so tens of thousands of Clans were established, but the rulers of the original clans have retained their ancient clan names (such as Stonemaul, Horse-eater, etc).

Orcish Peoples

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