Pelor (also known as Pellor) is the Chief Deity of Akeroth and one of the creators of the Universe. Pelor is Deity of the Sun, Light, Healing, and is known as the Savior of Humanity.

During the Mythic Era, Pelor was worshiped mainly by the Kender of Garem, the Elves of Loch Modain and the Dwarves of Dun Morgaine, with some Halflings and Minotaurs worshiping him, however, all this changed with Nerulls Deceit and Mans’ introduction to Akeroth.

Man spread out and waged war across Akeroth culminating in the Battle for Akeroth, however, as the Undead Host began to rise, Humanity changed its position and began to worship Pelor. With the help of the Elves of Loch Modain and the Dwarves of Dun Morgaine, Humanity converted to Pelor, and with the foundation of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher the first generation of Paladins and Clerics were trained.

After the first generation of Paladins and Clerics were trained, Pellor (as the Humans call him), and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher became the state religion for many Human kingdoms, and the High Seat of the Order was places at Lordsport in Lorspar, Elwynn.

In the end of the Battle of Akeroth it would be a Human Paladin of Pellor, named Ishar, who would defeat Nerulls’ Avatar, the Crimson King, banishing him from the Material Plane and taking up his Mantle, taking control of the Undead Host. After taking control of the Undead Host, Ishar sealed himself in an icy tomb in the Ebon Citadel (located beneath the Ebon Hold) putting the Undead Host in Stasis.

In 5A the Alatians, tricked by the Crimson King, gave him their power allowing him to take control of the Undead Host. Once in control of the Host, the Crimson King sent the Host Southward killing, and destroying everything in their way, as they marched they sowed the Dread Plague throughout the land creating the Dead Scar. As the Host made its way South, a group of Humans rose up and formed the Cult of Damnation to assist the Host and Nerull in their ultimate goal, and together they marked forth. The combined horde marched Southwards reaching the Falmar and crossing to Garem.

On the other side of the Falmar in Garem waited a host of defenders waiting for the horde, however, after the horde made landfall they slaughtered the defenders of Garem. After the defenders of Garem were slughtered, the Kender left Garem in a mass exodus and they would eventually settle in Steppess, founding the nation of Kenderholm. After dispatching the defenders of Garem the horde pushed further South making its way to the Beacon of Light.

Reaching the Beacon of Light the horde descended upon it, and the Paladins and Clerics of the Beacon that acted as its defenders attempted to hold back the insatiable horde, but it would be to no avail, and with the death of the last defender the Beacon exploded. With an explosion of Divine energy, the Deities were forced out in an explosive explosion, and the Dark Times began.

In 8A17 as the Orcish Crusades of Lok’Tar descended upon Lordsport the Grand Sept of Pellor (and the house of the High Seat of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher) was razed during the Battle of Lordsport. The High Seat of the Order was moved to the High Clerists Tower in Avaros (then Thorossia).

Pellor as seen by the people.


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