Classification: Commonwealth
Ruler: The Elder Council
Capital: High Reach
Cultures: Quintellexi, Kender, Vashir
Languages: Elven, Sylvan, Common
Population: 10.3 Million

Quintellex is a nation located in Northern Steppess. Quintellex is bordered by the Nordrejur Lands to the North, Kenderholm to the East, the Quintellexi Sea to the South, and Vash-Ka’Rat to the West.

The Quintellexi Elves are the main race that occupies Quintellex, however, it is not the original home of the Quintellex. In 3A when the Elves divided a group of the Elves made their way Westward from Sylvania and settled in Steppess; here the Elves settled in what is today Zeth’Kur. In 5A a tragic fate befell the Quintellex and many died as the land was turned to a desert of red sand, because of these tragic events the Quintellexi fled their empire, and re-established themselves on the other side of the Quintellexi Sea.

Since the movement to modern day Quintellex, the Quintellexi have lived moderately quiet lives, hiding within their only two cities, Port Aho and Highreach. After the Elves moved here, they grew a great forest which sits on the cusp of the plains and changes the landscape, from an unbreaking steppe to a densely wooded forest.


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