Reach is the Northernmost Kingdom in Kul’Adar since the Cataclysm (12A). Reach is bordered to the North by the Blood Sea of Ishtar (before the creation of the Blood Sea, Reach had lain on the Riedran Sea) and the Vankin Mountains, to the West by the Hinterlands, to the South by Cavanit, and to the East by the Riedran Channel (and the Isle of Jarl).

Reach survived the Cataclysm (of 12A) due to what was the Riedran Sea (which took most of the brunt of the Fiery Mountains) and the Vankin Mountains proximity to its borders. If those natural defences had not been present then Reach would have become apart of The Desolation.

Reach is a quite wealthy nation and is the final Northern trade node on the Great Expanse. Trade moves from Reach Southward going through the Riedran Channel and arriving at Tol Bay, from Tol Bay trade moves to Urskan Bay. From Urskan Bay trade continues moving South to Yseria and then on to Sylvan Bay, it is from Sylvan Bay that trade makes its way to Dun Morgaine ( Wavereath) and finally from Dun Morgaine trade makes its way to Elwynn ( Lordsport). Trade moving Northward goes in the opposite direction of the Southward trade.

Classification: Hegemony

Ruler: Thaddeus Marcellius

Culture: Riedran, Ishtari

Languages: Riedran, Lendorian, Ishtari

Population: 11 Million

Capital: Reach


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