Redridge stands in a precarious position, nestled in between the mountains of Orcanum and the Falmar Sea (across the Falmar lay the Sea Isles and Avaros). North of Redridge stands Loch Modain and to the South lay Westfall.

Redridge is notable as the home to three major trade republics that manage much of the trade throughout the Falmar. Redridge is known for possessing a great wealth and a small army, thus the republics rely heavily on mercenaries from surrounding regions to protect them.

Due to Redridges extravagant wealth the Kingdoms in Westfall, Loch Modain, and Elwynn have all attempted to conquer the republics in Redridge, however, due to their extravagant wealth the republics have always been able to defend themselves using mercenaries. This cycle has made the people of Redridge very apathetic towards war as it is a constant threat and few of the natives die during these wars.

Redridge is the least populated Human region, this is due primarily to the size of Redridge as the position between the Coast and the mountains has left little room for people to settle, let alone farm. Because of this lack of farmland, Redridge relies heavily on Westfall and during the Grain Riots, the Republics attacked Westfall starting the Grain Wars.

The majority of the people of Redridge are Oeridian, however there is a minority of Daan in the South and the Dargoi in the North.

The Republics of Redridge are as followed;
Venucca | Rsjok | Dasmorjsk


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