Classification: Empire
Ruler: Emperor Celtis IV Androsonov
Culture: Andihilic, Karadenian
Languages: Andihilic, Common, Dwarven, Varrangoin
Population: Approximately 18 Million
Capital: Karadania
Major Cities: Tavda, Aim, Mednogorsk, Sakhalin, Aurora, Arkangelsk, Fort. Brecca, Tiksi, Makhachkala

Pre-History: Approximately thirty-five hundred years ago (3A43?) the Chief Androson of the Andihil Tribe (and the only tribe we have record of), unified all the tribes and peoples of the Basin to fight against the Goblin Army of the Orcish Warlock Zer’Nugrub. Ultimately Zer’Nugrub was slain by Chief Androson, and his armies were quickly broken due to infighting and poor strategy.

Androson was elected as Hraldr (or Emperor) and upon his death. his empire was split between his seven sons, and for countless generations the descendants of Androson fought amongst themselves for control of his empire, until only two remained, the Kingdoms of Astravia, and Regeloth.

Regeloth was given to Androson’s fourth son Rulgar, who made his capital at Aim. For many generations the rulers of Regeloth attempted to remain out of the war, however, they continued to send troops and supplies to their Northern Allies in Harmore, but ultimately when Harmore (the Northern Border Country of Regeloth) fell, Regeloth was fully forced into the War.

The war quickly escalated to a worsening degree as both sides wished for this centuries old war to finally end, the traditional rules of war no longer applied, and total war broke out across all the fronts. Both sides began employing Spell-swords, Hedge-wizards and even Orcish Mercenaries against each other in hopes of gaining the upper hand, but it was to no avail. It would not be until the battle of Aradem in 14A498 that things would change. Both sides had been engaged in war for almost thirty-three hundred years, and both sides wished that the Battle of Aradem would finally end it, so both sides deployed all the men they had culminating into what would be called the “Sea of Blood”. Ultimately fifteen million men, and forty million animals, of these only one million men, and seven million animals would survive.

After both witnessing the devastation that had been caused both Kings Celtis III and Barnet II signed the Non-Militarization treaty culminating in an end to the war, and the shared building of the Barcel Wall (a 160 foot high, 60 feet deep, 10 miles wide, and 4000 mile long wall). Since the signing of the Non-Militirization agreement, both sides have remained isolationist of each other.


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