Sanctuary (Fort)

The Fortress of Sanctuary is a fort built on the border of the Dead Scar and Theramore (in Shuranti). Sanctuary was built in 5A by the Army of Bastion, later in 10A Sanctuary was expanded when Theramore, Val, and Bastion signed the Shuranti Agreement creating the Shuranti Alliance.

Since the building of the fort in 5A, it has been continuously run, manned, and maintained by the forces of Bastion. Sanctuary stands at a vital point, where along the coast of the Falmar it stands between the Dead Scar and Shuranti. The fort guarantees safety to both Theramore and for travelers within twenty miles of Sanctuary, and its main purpose is to keep the Dread Plague and the Undead Host out, while keeping those who are unprepared away from the Scar.

Sanctuary is the largest fort on the Western side of the Dead Scar and acts as a major means of trade travelling from Theramore Eastward or from Tavarith Westward; Sanctuary also acts a port allowing resupply shipments to arrive directly into the port from areas as far away as Avaros or Abados.

Sanctuary is manned by a Commander, and a Commander must have served for at least ten years (one full tour) in the Dead Scar, before one could be considered for a Command Position. People who have served as Commanders on the Forts of the Dead Scar are the only people who can serve on the High Council of Bastion.

A view of Sanctuary (with Ulvar in the Background), as seen from the Dead Scar


Sanctuary (Fort)

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