Siege of the Dragongate

The Siege of the Dragongate began in 8A17 following the routing of Lok’Tar Ogar’s Grand army at Lordsport by the combined forces of Lorspar, Stormgarde, and Telshar. The Orcs fled to the Dragongate after the death of Lok’Tar during the Battle of Lordsport in 8A17, after being routed due to confusion and lack of coordination.

The Dragongate is a massive fortification built in the Mythic Era and finished after the Orc Wars of 1A (in the waning days of the The Battle for Akeroth). The Dragongate is built at the only entrance into Orcanum, the Orcs fled to the Dragongate after their routing and closed the gates sealing themselves into Orcanum. Eventually the Lorossian forces would arrive at the Dragongate, however, because of its immense size and defend-ability it was impossible to assault (at least fully manned). At this point the Lorossians made camp and the Siege of the Dragongate began.

As the years and the Siege dragged on Tribal conflicts and power struggles forced many Orcs to abandon the Dragongate and ultimately in 8A43 only 40 Orcs remained on at the Dragongate. It was at this time that the Lorossians (now supported by the Kythric) assaulted the Dragongate; a message was sent to the nearest Warchiefs warning that the Dragongate would fall, however, these Warchiefs refused to send much needed troops to the Dragongate. With no reinforcements the Dragongate was breached and the combined forces of the Lorossians and Kythric assaulted Orcanum slaughtering tens of thousands and forcing many Orcs from Orcanum in a mass Diaspora.

Since the ending of the Siege only the two Traitorous Tribes remain in Orcanum with the rest of the Orcs scattered throughout the whole of Akeroth.

Siege of the Dragongate

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