The Gnomes are quite renowned throughout the whole of Akeroth for their Technological prowess, and this proved true with the Gnomes creation of the Ironclads.

In 5A at the advent of the Dark Times, the Gnomes suffering from oceanic raids by creatures from the depths began work on a ship that could safely make it to the Mouth of the Falmar. Work began with the Mechanical Institute in Mechanar, and over the course of forty years the Ironclads were developed.

Development of the Ironclads went through several stages of development, these are as followed;

Steam-Engine & Mounting: The First Phase of development of the Ironclads started with the creation of the Steam-Engine. The Steam-Engine was created, and used coal to burn, boiling water and running the engine, after the creation of the Steam-Engine it was mounted into a modified wooden ship. This ship went on its test run and caught fire of the coast of Olfgar.

Steel Ships?: After the first test ship caught fire, work began on creating a hull made not from wood. After some time a steel hull was created and mounted with a Steam-Engine and sent on its test run; within three miles the ship sank (in the Abadosian Channel) due to the weight of the Hull and the general inability to move a ship of that weight.

Duramail and Oil: After the failure of the Steel Ship, work began on finding a metal that would resist water, be lightweight, and moveable as well as redeveloping the Steam-Engine to output more power, these objectives would result in two significant discoveries. Using the resources of Abados the Gnomes discovered that the Sands and what lay beneath them hold great value; the Sand of Abados is of a high metallic content being compromised of Iron, Chromium, Aluminum, and Tin (which would be made into Duramail), and beneath the sands lay Oil, which when burned exerted a huge amount of energy. Ultimately the Steam-Engines were refitted to burn Oil (and later its distillates, I.e. Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline, Grease, etc.), and Duramail was used to construct the Hull.

The Final Phase: After over forty years of Tests, Developments, Progress, and Tragedy came to an end with the Final Test. After fitting the newly developed Oil Engines into the newly designed and created Duramail hulls the test was conducted, and the first Ironclad (named the AIS Resolute) made its journey from Anchorage Point in Gnomeregon (Abados) to Valkeran, Lagyr (Now Astravia, in Andhilia). With the success of this test the design of the Ironclads became the norm.

Since this finalization of the Ironclads, some changes have been done such as the development of better engines (replacing Oil as the fuel with Diesel, Petrol, or Gasoline depending on the craft), and the creation of different designs dependent on its purpose.

Types of Ironclads;







Floating Fortress ( Airship to Water Vessel):





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