While the world of Dungeons & Dragons is typically in a medieval fantasy setting, the technology of Akeroth is slightly different. Much to the general idea, technology is comparable with the 16th century, however, because of magic it only shares similar ideas of the Technology, and not exactly the technology itself. To help understand i have listed a series of examples from our in game world. These Technological items are as followed;

Airships | Steamships | Trams

Guns. Good old flint-lock: Guns are expensive, ineffective, hard to fire, and devastating. It takes about 4 rds to reload a rife, but deals a whopping 12d12 with a 16-20 x2 crit, and a pistol can hold 2 shots, and also takes 4 rds to reload, however is comparably week. with 4d12 a bullet and a 18-20×3 crit.

Hot air-balloons: Used mainly for scouting from a high area, incredibly hard to control, and you can be left in a dead zone of no air, but relatively effective if used properly.

Explosives: Expensive, dangerous, and effective at fucking shit up; existing in various ways, it is typically used in mining, but don’t let that stop you.

Machinations: Various “steampunk” creatures, made by technology, but powered by magic.

Factories: Factories do not exist in the way we think, machining is limited, and machines dont do most of the work, mass production is thus achieved the old fashion way, with lots and lots of highly skilled and organized workers.

Besides these examples (and others that I can’t think of) are pretty much the only divergences from the classical “Medieval Fantasy Adventure” technology branch.


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