The Battle for Akeroth

The Battle for Akeroth was an event which lasted hundreds of years and was heralded in with the Age of Man. When Man arrived in Elwynn from the Great Expanse at the end of the Mythic Era, it caused a social upheaval that reverberated throughout Akeroth.

When Man arrived in Elwynn the Orcish Empire of Orcanum controlled the lands, Mans arrival was unexpected and the Orcs unsure of what to do allowed Man to settle in their lands. Man responded to this agreement by attacking the Orcs and taking the land by force pushing the Orcs back into Orcanum and allowing Man to push their way across Akeroth.

The Battle of Akeroth began when Man attacked the Orcs in Elwynn and Westfall, however, the Battle would rage on for hundreds of years before it was revealed that Nerull created Man solely to bring about chaos and spread the Dread Plague (the Great Deceit). With this realization along with the dead rising (the Undead Host) Man (through the help of Elves and Dwarves who worshiped Pellor) converted to the worship of Pellor; by converting to Pellor Man turned away from Nerull and their past moving forward to a new age. When Man converted to Pellor they built the Grand Sept in Lordsport and founded the Order of the Holy Sepulcher to organize the religion.

Man fought every people in Akeroth and took many lands from these indegionous Races, however, when Man converted to Pellor they were forgiven for their transgression as the whole of the world changed who they were fighting as the Crimson King revealed himself. The Battle for Akeroth would continue except now the Battle for Akeroth was against Nerull and the Crimson King.

The Battle for Akeroth would end when the Paladin Ishar slew the Crimson King in personal combat and banished him from the Material Plane, leaving only the Mantle of the Crimson King (now the Mantle of the Ebon King) there. Ishar took up the Mantle to take control of the Undead Host and then he froze himself in an icy tomb located in the Ebon Citadel (below the Ebon Hold). With Ishar’s ascent to the Ebon King the Battle for Akeroth end, however, the internal fighting amongst the many Nations would continue for quite some time.

The Battle for Akeroth

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