The Cataclysm (12th Apocalypse)

From the beginning of the 1st Apocalypse and the Battle of Akeroth, and for thousands of years after the City-Empire of Ishtar stood as one of the greatest centers of civilization that ever graced Akeroth, however, this greatness became over time, overshadowed as the Ishtari people began to grow wicked and decedent. It was because of this, that Pellor, Lord of Light and the other Deities looked on at Ishtar and judged it.

The nature of the Deities judgement is unknown, but we do know that they searched all of Ishtar looking for the righteous amongst the wicked, ultimately they found that only one among the many millions had lived a righteous life, and that one among the masses was Avar, the King-Priest of Ishtar. The Deities waited and ultimately decided that the wickedness of Ishtar was too great and that they would most likely commit the same sin as the Alatians’ did in 5A (which resulted in a resurgence of the Dread Plague, the rise of The Undead Host, the creation of the Dead Scar, and the combined destruction of Garem and the Beacon of Light), and the ensuement of The Dark Times. Because of this the Deities sent down a fiery mountain and smitted Ishtar, utterly obliterating the entirety of the nation, and all its peoples save for the expatriate Ishtari (who were in areas safely away from Ishtar, such as Reach), and Avar who ascended into Divinity for his righteousness.

After the chaos that was the Cataclysm, Avar seeing the devastation that created the Blood Sea and The Desolation, turne his gaze southward and saw the horrors that had befallen the peoples in Akeroth, during the reign of The Crimson King. Avar using his new found divinity went southwards and lead the races of Akeroth to victory by defeating the Crimson King and resealing the Mantle of the Ebon King within the icy tomb of the Ebon Citadel located deep below the Ebon Hold.

For the people of Kul’Adar the Cataclysm changed the landscape greatly altering trade, peoples and nations completely. This resulted in the complete annihilation of northern Kul’Adar which was once a fertile basin, and is now nothing more than a desolate wasteland devoid of any life. The nations that did survive look to the Blood Sea as a constant reminder of what Sin can do to a society as a whole, however, this has not changed the peoples of Kul’Adar completely.


The Cataclysm (12th Apocalypse)

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