The Conquest of Evermare

With the Settling of the Kythric and the formation of the Orcish Confederation (Ogar), Evermare quickly became a popular target for the Orcs as elite troops of mixed Clan units could navigate through Elwynn and reach Evermare; however, this proved to slow to support the population in Orcanum. Ultimately it was decided that the Orcs would unify into a singular army and swarm down from the Dragongate, sweeping over the Kythric defences and right into the heart of Evermare.

When the Orcs had gathered all their warriors their Grand Army stood at nearly one million souls, with their numbers the Grand Army swept down from the Dragongate and looted the Cities of Galbor, Holmgarde, and Alania before reaching Evermare.

In Evermare the Halflings had become quite adept at defending their woodland home from the Orcs, however, the Halflings never expected an army of that magnitude. Multiple series of defences and fronts were developed by the Halflings, but this proved futile as the Orcs overran all killing, looting, raping, and burning. As the Orcs swept Westward the Halflings abandoned their defences and began to flee adopting a nomadic caravan lifestyle that they continue to this day.

As the Halflings left en mass the Orcs seized the entirety of Evermare and as an act of anger, defiance, or aggression the Orcish Chieftains decided to Burn the entirety of Evermare.

The Conquest of Evermare

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