The Dark Times

At the end of 4A the Alatians besieged by the Ogres of the Deep Jungles turned to look for a new source of power. Ultimately the Mage-Priests of Alatia found a new source of power within the Phantom of Truth.

The Mage-Priests of Alatia turned to esoteric means as a way to end the interminable siege, and ultimately these esoteric ways worked as they attracted the attention of the Phantom of Truth. The Phantom came and convinced the Mage-Priests of his benevolence, and thus they trusted him; the Phantom taught them the Magic of Necromancy and as the Alatians grew in power so did the Phantom. After the Alatians defeated the Ogres and made a great sacrifice to the Phantom, he revealed himself as the Crimson King taking their power and fleeing to the Ebon Hold.

Reaching the Ebon Hold, the Crimson King made his way through and into the Ebon Citadel, here he broke through the Icy tomb of Ishar and took back the Mantle. With the return of the Mantle the Crimson King re-asserted control of the Undead Host and sent them Southward towards the Beacon of Light. The Host swept Southward and as they destroyed all in their way they also disseminated the Dread Plague, infecting the very ground they walked upon (and thus creating the Dead Scar). In the Wake of the Undead Host a number of Humans rose up to assist the Host, forming the Cult of Damnation.

Together the Cult and the Host pushed further Southward making it to the Falmar and ultimately crossing it, making their way into Garem. Here an enormous defense was mounted to defeat the Cult and the Host, however, the defense was destroyed as with the death of each defender, another soldier rose in allegiance with the King. The defeat of the Defenders of Garem marked an end to the Kenders’ way of life, and so the Kender left en masse to find a new homeland (what would become Kenderholm in Steppess).

With the defeat of the Defenders and the exodus of the Kender, the Cult and the Host marched further South arriving at the Beacon of Light. Here at the Beacon, the Paladins and Clerics of the Beacon made one final stand against the Host, however, like the Defenders of Garem, it was to no avail, and with the death of the last defender of the Beacon, it exploded, in an expulsion of Divine energy. This expulsion of Divine energy “evicted” the Deities from Akeroth and ensued the whole of the world into the Dark Times.

After the beginning of the Dark Times, the Alatians, guilty over their actions, sacrificed themselves en masse, as a way to defeat the Crimson King. While the Alatians sacrificed forced the Crimson King out and allowed Ishar to retake control of the Host, the Crimson King would return…

The Dark Times acted as a time when no Divine Magic worked, ultimately the Dark times would end however, but the date of its ending is contested. There are several dates given for the end of the Dark Times, these are as followed;

6A (the Paragons), 8A (the High Clerists Tower), 10A (Boccob), 12A (Avar), 14A (the Ascension), 15A ( Zeth’Kur), 16A (the Witch King)

The Dark Times

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