The High-Fathers

The Religion of the Dwarves is a rigid, secret, and racial religion. While the Dwarves have no official name for their religion, many outsiders refer to their religion as the Church of the High-Fathers.

Leader(s): The High-Fathers of Olfgar
Capital: Khaz’Ogar, Olfgar

The Church of the High-Fathers is a highly organized religion that lacks an independent and true clergy, instead relying on a caste system that holds Dwarven Society together. Among the Churchs’ core tenants is the Code of Moradin.

The Code of Moradin:

Dwarves were the first race and crafted from stone. After they were shaped by the hands of Moradin, he breathed life into them and from there he divided the perfect ones from the less perfect ones. Through this separation the castes were created. Moradin had made an equal amount of males and females of each caste, and to each he gave a name, but to the men he gave two. Each couple would procreate giving rise to the Clans.

The Code states several Commands:

Killing of other Dwarves unlawfully is forbidden
Theft is forbidden
Magic is forbidden (referring to Wild Magic)
One must always work
Ones caste can not be changed
Law is Order

The Code defines Laws regarding Marriage, Inheritance, War, Peace, Meal Preparation, Mining and so on. The Code is unique as it serves as a vessel for not only religious belief and lifestyle, but also as a historical document contending to the Dwarves existence, however, among non-Dwarves these beliefs are looked at as legends with no historical context.

The High-Fathers are noticeable in any Dwarven city, however, the only Dwarven nation which holds the High-Fathers as its state religion is Olfgar; comparably, the nations of Hildragr and Urskan instead worship Moradin through the Reclaimers and Remnants respectively.

The High-Fathers

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