The Near Wastes

To the North of Akeroth stands the Near Wastes spanning an almost endless distance ranging from the Vankin Mountains to the North, the Hinterlands to the East, bordering Akeroth to the South by touching Andhilia and Hildragr, and the World’s End to the West.

The Near Wastes stand as a large nearly uninhabited tract of wilderness. Here the forests are thick and dark, and rarely do any venture Northward into this horror. Few truly know what lay North in the Near Wastes, but from legends passed down through the generations the tales still remain. Covens of Witches, Lycanthrophes, Vampires, and the like are said to roam the land and feast upon any that they find.


In 11A there are historical accounts of creatures and people coming down from the Hills with The Crimson King and heading to the Ebon Hold. Reaching the Ebon Hold the Crimson King entered and found his way into the Citadel, here he broke through Ishar’s Icy tomb and seized the Mantle from his still body, with this action Ishar died and Crimson King had recovered his Mantle. Regaining the Mantle the Crimson King sent the Undead Host outward to spread the Dread Plague and conquer the entirety of the World, this was the cause of the Crusades.

Among the Andhils the Near Wastes is believed to have been the home of a Dwarven Civilization sometime before 3A, from which they are said to descend.

The Near Wastes

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