The Orc Wars

Following the banishment of The Crimson King by the Paladin Ishar, the whole of Akeroth came to a point of mistrust and fear called the Warring Times.

As war continued to erupted across the face of Akeroth a significant event was starting, for among the Humans of Westfall and Elwynn, along with the Dwarves of Olfgar the Orcs of Orcanum had become a constant nuisance continuously attacking Westfall and Elwynn repeatedly in an attempt to regain the fertile lands of Westfall from the Humans who had conquered it from the Orcs originally during The Great Deceit. These “unprovoked” attacks caused a unification of the Humans and Dwarves to stop the Orcs once and for all, this action would produce the Orc wars.

The Orc Wars truly began near the end of 1A, and by some accounts continued through into 2A. During this time the Orcs attempted to Capture Lordsport in Elwynn, succeeding and sacking the city. The sacking of Lordsport angered most Humans in the Area, and with the help of their neighbors the Dwarves the Humans pushed the Orcs back from Elwynn and into the Mountains of Orcanum.

In Orcanum the Human and Dwarven armies slaughtered the Orcs by using Arcane Magics the Orcs could not truly comprehend, and it was through the actions of the Wild Mages (Mages before the Order of High Sorcery) that Orcanum was torn asunder, and went from a fertile valley basin, to the Bleak, Desolate, and Savage Black lands that the Orcs would continue to call home for hundreds of years.

The Orc Wars ended after Orcanum was laid barren by the Wild Mages of the Human Kingdoms of Elwynn. The Orcs fled into their citadels, and the Humans left with an obvious winner, but no obvious winnings.

After the Desolation of Orcanum the Dragongate was constructed/completed.

From the time of the Orc Wars onward the Orcish Peoples have lost the once great civilization they had built in the Mountains of Orcanum, and regressed to a tribalistic, nomadic raiding society (the only Orcish peoples reputed to not be Tribal are the people of Zeth’Kur in Steppess, and the Fabled Manzor in what is now The Desolation).

The Orc Wars

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