The Rise of the Drow

After the great cosmic argument that consumed the entirety of the Elven pantheon and shattered the Elves causing their Division, one amongst the Pantheon received the worst of all and it was her host that was cast deep into the Underdark.

When the Elves divided it was Lloths’ followers that were cursed with Light-Blindness and cast into the darkness of the Underdark with their “Wretched Spider Queen”, these Elves skin would turn purple and they would become known as the Drow, the most cunning and vile of all the Elves and Masters of the Underdark. When Lloths’ followers first descended into the Underdark they were met with a myriad of difficulties as they attempted to eek out a meager living, but against all odds the followers of Lloth would prevail through a brutal Matriarchal society dedicated solely to Lloth and her Benevolence.

The Followers of Lloth would after some generations become the Drow and their name would become feared throughout the Underdark. The Drow are a viscous and brutal Race known for their use of Slavery and torture, because of this many denizens and travelers of the Underdark due their best to avoid the Drow Slave Patrols. The Original City from which all the Drow would come from is Erelhei-Cinlu. Erelhei-Cinlu is the capital of the “Drow Empire of City-States”; each Drow city is autonomous, however, because Erelhei-Cinlu posses the Temple of Lloth each City pays tribute to Erelhei-Cinlu to gain access to pray to their goddess and visit with the Priestess.

The Drows’ ability to overcome, adapt, and persevere is what has allowed the Drow to rise, from arriving in the Underdark as banished refugees to becoming one of the largest, greatest, and most feared empires in the entirety of the Underdark.

The Rise of the Drow

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