The Scarred Lands

The Dead Scar is a massive blemish upon the face of Akeroth. Prior to 5A the scar only existed around the Ebon Hold, however, when the Crimson King regained control of the Undead Host in 5A he sent forth the Host Southward sweeping across many lands (areas of Steppess, Shuranti, and Tavarith) and infecting the very ground they treaded upon. The Scar stretches from the Ebon Hold just South of Hildragr and going in a straight line it runs Southward past the Falmar River and occupies the entirety of where Garem once was.

The Undead Host marched forth destroying, killing, and devouring anything within its path, it was during this Southwards march that the Cult of Damnation was formed to help Nerull, the Crimson King, and ultimately the end of life upon Akeroth. Combined the Host and the Cult swept southwards and crossed the Falmar river into the Kender homeland of Garem.

As the Host reached the shores of Garem the Kender and many others were there to meet them in battle, however, as every soldier died they would rise to fight against their brothers and sisters. The defenders of Garem were forced back and many Kender left in a great exodus as the Host laid siege to the Beacon of Light. The defenders of the Beacon stood ardently against the Host, but it was to no avail, and with the death of the last defender the Beacon came crumbling down from the immensity of the Host.

As the tower crumbled it exploded in a massive burst of divine energy that destroyed much of the Host, but many still remained and with that expulsion of Divine energy, the Deities were evicted from Akeroth and the Dark Times began.

In response to the Horde of Undead that began to descend upon the peoples of Shuranti, Steppess, and Tavarith, the peoples of these areas began to build numerous fortresses in an attempt to hold the Undead Host back. In total over one hundred forts were built along the border of the Dead Scar, but this number would wane and wax until 11A.

After the Sacrifice of the Alatians and the defeat of the Crimson King, the Host was returned to Ishar and they returned to languishing about, however, unlike in 1A the Host had expanded and their Plague occupied a scar upon the Earth. The Hsot would continue to languish within the Scar until 11A. During this time a number of forts and Religious/Military organisations were formed to keep the Undead in check.

In 11A the Crimson King had created a power base for himself and made a move on the Ebon Hold, breaking through and reaching the Ebon CItadel where he ripped the Mantle from Ishar’s frozen corpse. With the return of the Mantle the Crimson King reassumed his position as ruler of the Host and sent them forward to overrun the whole of the world. This event and subsequent centuries of fighting would become known as the Crusades.

During the Crusades countless forts were built along and within the Dead Scar, and millions died attempting to keep the Host back. The Crusades seemed lost until 12A when Ishtar was destroyed by a Cataclysm. Through the Cataclysm the God-King Avar rose ending the Crusades by defeating the Crimson King and resealing the Mantle.

Since 12A the Host had languished in the Scar, however, life is slowly returning as the establishment of forts (such as Fort Bliss) within the Scar has increased giving rise to trade routes through the Scar. This return of economy is a sign of life slowly returning and eventually the Scar will be healed…. or will it?

The Scarred Lands

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