The Settlings (Kythric)

While the First Men had resided in Elwynn and Westfall since they arrived on Akeroth in 1A still one group among them remained largely nomadic. The Kyhric people have always had a strong tradition of horsemanship and it is because of this that the Kythric largely refused to settle.

In 6A when the Paragons began to rise up, the Kythric fearful over they’re separation from Ehlonna and her Husband Pellor, began to settle down as the Orcish raids began to come down from Orcanum at an ever increasing rate (Grommash did not leave the Orcs during the Dark Times). While prior to the Orcish raids many of the Kythric would migrate with they’re horse herds seeking better grazing land, however this had all changed and with it so to did the Kythric.

As the Orcish raids began to increase the nomadic Kythric joined into the cities of Northern and Western Elwynn as well as Southern Westfall in mass settlings, all in hope of saving themselves from the Orcs. As the cities swelled the Kythric became more organized and began to take on a new militaristic lifestyle in hopes of defending themselves from the Orcs.

As the Kythric became more ready to take on the Orcs, the Orcs began to divert more raids towards Evermare, however, even these small pathways the Orcs found became unusable. Due to the Kythrics’ actions the Orcs were left with two options, starve or come together.

The Settlings (Kythric)

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