The Sorcerer Wars

The Sorcerer Wars were a series of conflicts that started in 6A and rocked the Nation of Theramore to its very foundations. The Sorcerer Wars initially began over a petty squabble between two Sorcerer Kings in Southern Shuranti.

The two Sorcerer Kings began their squabble over a patch of Swamp, the squabble began as an argument, however, things quickly escalated as open combat broke out between the two Sorcerer Kings and their retinues. After the initial squabble the Sorcerer Kings brought in their allies from the other cities in Shuranti expanding the conflict exponentially As more and more Sorcerer Kings entered the conflict large portions of Shuranti were cleared of the Swamp (and transformed into a the Western Plains) and large scale battles began to take place in these Bleeding Plains.

In 7A Vingaard with the Academia entered into the conflict and was able to garner the most support from allies and began to subjugate the other city-states and Sorcerer Kings of Shuranti, ultimately Vingaard would subjugate the majority of Theramore until only several minor Sorcerer Kings remained. The Sorcerer Wars would cause the foundation of the feudal system within Theramore (the system of granting land to knights who served during the chaos of the Wars).

The Sorcerer Wars would have several breaks from fighting, however, the conflict would not end until 8A13 when the last Sorcerer King capitulated to the combined armies of Vingaard. Over the course of the war a total of 18 million people would die in the conflict, however, Theramore became completely unified for the first time in its history.

The Sorcerer Wars would have a great impact on Theramore for years to come, ultimately leading to the foundation of the Towers and Order of High Sorcery as well as the creation of the Shuranti Alliance in 10A.

The Sorcerer Wars

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