Classification: Mageocracy
Ruler: High Sorcerer Almos Ophanin
Capital: Vingaard (Administrative), Tower of High Sorcery (Traditionally)
Cultures: Shuran, Rauric, Val
Languages: Common, Shuran, Rauric
Population: 248 Million

Theramore is a nation in Shuranti, it is bordered by the Sudrejur Lands to the North, the Dead Scar to the East, the Falmar River to the South, Bastion to the West, and Val and Moloch to the Northwest.

Theramore is a massive nation boasting as being both the largest and most populous nation in Shuranti. Theramore was established in 1A after the Battle for Akeroth, the original settlers of Shuranti were First Men, however, these First Men breed with the natives of Shuranti (possibly Elves, Gnomes, or Kender) creating the original Mixed Men (which began to be born all across Akeroth at this time). Eventually Human blood would prove stronger and the people of Theramore (the Shuran) would become Other Men; interestingly the Shuran are the most magically inclined of all Humans.

Theramore is interesting due to its geography, in the East of Theramore stands the Shuranti Swamp which spans the majority of Theramore, while in the West the area is more of a large plain that begins to break into foothills at the Western and Northern Edges.

In 5A, as the Undead Host swept Southward, Theramore was spared the devastation due to the impassibility of the Shuranti Swamp. While the Swamp acts as a deterrent for the Undead it does not keep them out entirely and it is because of this that dozens of Forts were established between Shuranti and the Dead Scar (Like Sanctuary in the South of the Scar).

The Shurans’ Magical prowess has always existed and this ability manifested itself into many magical institutions of the millennia; this cycle of magical institutions would end in 10A when Boccob ashamed over the desolation of Tavarith from Defilement Magic in 9A set out to found a new magical institution to control magic in Akeroth. Boccob’s mission would culminate in the creation of the Towers of High Sorcery and the formation of the Order of High Sorcery, from here Boccob would help establish the Shuranti Alliance and unify the whole of the region.

In 11A the Shuranti Alliance was put to the test when the Crimson King regained control of the Undead Host plunging the whole of Akeroth into the Crusades. The Crusades were a massive military engagement aimed at keeping the Undead Host and the Dread Plague quarantined in the Dead Scar, it was during the Crusades that numerous Technological advances would be pushed through for the war effort ( Airships). Ultimately the Crusades would end in 12A after the Cataclysm of Ishtar and Avar’s ascent to Divinity.

The Proseperity of 12A and the ending of the Crusades would culminate in Moloch joining the Shuranti Alliance and the construction of several additional Towers of High Sorcery. Since this time Theramore and the Shuranti Alliance have stood in an era of peace and prosperity, but as reports trickle in from the North this era may soon be over.


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