Tower of High Sorcery

The Towers of High Sorcery are the physical representation of the Order of High Sorcery. The Towers are where the Order assembles and where the Test of High Sorcery is administered, non-members are only permitted in the Courtyard of the Tower, and attempting to breach the Towers walls has resulted in many a death.

The Towers of High Sorcery act as schools, and each tower specializes in one School of Magic (save for Wavereath which adopted Abjuration after the Cataclysm), from here students will go on in their desired School until they have completed the Rights of the Arcane in their specified School.

Locations (Specializations and History):

Theramore, Vingaard (Illusion, First ToHS Established by Boccob in 10A)


Wavereath, Wavereath (Evocation, 4th Tower Built by Boccob in 10A)


Zeth’Kur, Orgrimmar (Transmutation, 1st Tower not built by Boccob, constructed in 11A)


Avar, High Clerists Tower Basement (Divination & Necromancy, 3rd Tower “built” by Boccob)

Telshar, Tel (Enchantment, Most Recent ToHS built at the end of 15A)


Lendoria, Gor (Conjuration, 2nd Tower not built by Boccob, constructed in 12A)


Tavarith, Weatherly (Abjuration, 2nd Tower built by Boccob in 10A)


Past Tower(s);

Prior to the Cataclysm of 12A a 5th Tower was built by the Order of High Sorcery, this Tower was built in Northern Ishtar, and served to train the Wizards, Mages, and some of Ishtars’ Clerics. This 5th Tower was built by Boccob and served as his final achievement before his Death and ascension to divinity (see Deities).

Tower of High Sorcery

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