Trade is a prominent part of Akeroth, moving goods and people across the land. Trade travels from some specific nodes, however, trade does move everywhere.

Trade moves in a number of ways. The first way trade moves is along the Great Expanse, trades moves across the Sea in the following way;

Reach through the Riedran Channel to Tol Bay, from Tol Bay to Urskan Bay, from Urskan Bay trade moves to Yseria (occasionally) and then to Sylvan Bay; from Sylvan Bay trade move to Dun Morgaine ( Wavereath) and then finally from Dun Morgaine to Elwynn ( Lordsport).

Trade moving across the land moves in the following way;

Reach to Landes then to Urskan, from Urskan to Sylvania (or Hildragr), then from Sylvania trade moves to Loch Modain (or Hildragr, Yseria, and Avaros); once in Loch Modain trade moves to Dun Morgaine or Redridge (trade in Dun Morgaine then follows the Sea route). Once in Redridge trade makes its way to Westfall and finally Elwynn.

Trade along the Falmar moves in the following way;

Trade starts in Hidragr, Sylvania, Loch Modain, Redridge, or Westfall, trade then moves to Avaros, and from Avaros to Tavarith and Lous, from here trade moves past the Dead Scar and Garem and then to Shuranti.

Trade moving along the land from East to West travels in the following way;

Trade starts in Sylvania, Dun Morgaine, or Elwynn, trade then moves Eastward (from Sylvania trade moves to Hildragr, then Andhillia. From Dun Morgaine trade moves to Loch Modain then to Sylvania or Redridge [if trade goes to Sylvania it travels the Sylvan route], from Redridge trade goes to Westfall, then Lous [from Lous trade can move to Olfgar and then Abados], across the Falmar Islands and into Tavrith, from Tavarith trade moves through the Dead Scar and finally to Shuranti. Is trade starts in Elwynn it moves to Westfall and then follows the Westfallen route).

Trade moving on the World’s End moves in the following way;

Trade starts in Abados then moves to Shuranti (or goes into the Falmar and move along the Falmar route), from Shuranti trade moves to Molochi Bay (Moloch) and from Molochi Bay to the Quintellexi Sea, from the Quintellexi Sea trade moves either into the River Tazania or further Northward to Valkeran in Astravia.

The Ring: The Ring is a trade route that runs through the Human regions of Elwynn ( Lordsport), Westfall, Redridge, (Avaros), Loch Modain, and Dun Morgaine ( Wavereath). This trade route forms a ring (several rings actually) allowing trade solely through the Human kingdoms.

The Gasline: The Gasline is a trade route that runs from Abados to Olfgar via Airship.

Trade Routes in Red


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