Financial Capital of Tavarith
Classification: Administrative District
Ruler: Seik Omari Al-Hijayb
Population: 3 Million
Race: Human (Tavar)
Languages: Common, Tavar, Lousin

Weatherly is the Capital and one of the largest cities in Tavarith. Weatherly is unique as it is located on one of the Islands of the Falmar.

Weatherly is an impressively large city located on the coast of the Falmar. Weatherly is a massive city and a huge Trade hub that has played an important role in the history of Akeroth.

The original location of the city of Weatherly was the site of a Halfling city, however, in 1A during the Age of Man and the Battle for Akeroth, the Halflings were driven out by the Humans and the city was razed then rebuilt. Since Weatherly’s inception it has served as a crossroads between Southern and Northern Akeroth.

Weatherly at its’ height during the Crusades

During the Crusades of 11A Weatherly would become a huge resupply center for troops fighting on the frontlines of the Dead Scar. Eventually the city would even house a temporary Airship terminal to help bring supplies from Gnomeregon ( Abados) through Olfgar, past Lous and finally to Weatherly. As the war ended in 12A after the Cataclysm with the intervention of Avar the Airship terminal in Weatherly was abandoned, however, in recent years many prominent individuals have attempted to reopen the Airship terminal to promote greater levels of trade, especially now in wake of the Nordrejur Plague.



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